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Early Consignments for Fri. Dec 8 – Special Calf Sale

Weaned Cattle:

120)Blk str/hfs/weaned 50+ days/2 rds vac- Vision 7, Vista Once SQ, Panacur/banded at birth/GO/LHR genetics

105)6-750# Red Angus strs/weaned 50+ days/2 rds fall vac/1 rd spring vac/banded/Source & Age verified/FCCP tagged

80-90)450-650# Rwf/Bwf str/hfs/weaned 45+ days/1 rd vac/knife-cut/GO/on ration

70-75)5-700# Blk str/hfs/weaned 75 days/2 rds vac/GO/home-raised

53)5-600# RAX str/hfs/weaned 40+ days/weaned 40+ days/7 way w/ PE, Vira Shield 6/GO

46)550-600# Red str/hfs/weaned 60+ days/2 rds vac – ViraShield 6, Blackleg, Pinkeye/knife-cut/GO

45)450-600# Blk/Bwf str/hfs/weaned Oct 15/sprg vac/banded/GO

41)5-700# Blk str/hfs/weaned Sept 26/off rye/2 rds vac/knife-cut/GO

40)650-700# Blk hfs/weaned Sept. 17/3 rds Endovac, 1 shot Alpha 7-MB1/2 rds ViraShield 6, 1 shot Ultra 7

18)5-600# Blk str/hfs/weaned Sept 1/Nov 1- vac, poured/knife-cut/GO

8)700# CharX strs/weaned 6-7 wks/on grain

6)4-500# Blk/Bwf hfs/weaned 60 days/2 rds vac/GO

4)900-1000# Blk/Bwf strs/off grass

Calves Off the Cow:

200)Blk str/hfs/1 rd spring vac/1 rd fall preconditioning vac/banded/GO

130)Blk str/hfs/sprg vac/fall vac/banded/GO

100)5-600# Blk/Red str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO

60)5-600# Blk/Red str/hfs/Vira Shield 6, blkleg/banded/GO

60)4-600# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac/knife-cut/GO

41)550-600# Blk str/hfs/vac- Covexin 8, Presponse SQ, Vira Shield 6/GO

30)Red str/hfs/1 rd vac/GO

30)5-650# Blk/Red str/hfs/1 rd vac/banded/GO

27)4-500# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac/GO

22)4-500# Wht Park str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO

20)5-600# Blk/Red strs/1 rd vac – 7 way/knife-cut

16)4-600# Mostly Blk str/hfs/spring vac – ViraShield 6/banded/GO

15)500# Mostly Blk str/hfs/sprg vac- blkleg, BVD IBR/knife-cut/GO

15)550# Blk/Bwf str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO

8)5-600# Blk str/hfs/vac/banded/GO

Early Consignments for Wed. Dec 13 – Special Cow Sale (5 PM)


20)Blk pairs/5 YO – smooth mouth/calves- 30-60 days old/tagged to match & worked/cows not exposed back

16)Blk/Red pairs/3-5 YO/tagged & worked (video below)

Dan Hess Breds & Pairs

Bred Heifers- *heifers sell first starting at 5:00*:

100)1000# Blk bred hfs/Bred to Blk Angus Enhance bulls in May 1/Start calving Feb. 1

50)1100# Blk Angus bred hfs/AI bred May 5 to Compound (BW -2.8)/Lazy H Blk Angus clean up bulls (71# BW) in for 30 days/video below

40-45)1050-1100# Red Angus bred hfs/Janssen Red Angus genetics/Bred to calving ease & low BW bulls – Diamond H & Janssen RA (CED 16 to 18; BW -4.2 to -5.6)/Start late Feb to late April/pelvic measured/OCV’d/very docile!/video below

40)1050-1100# Red Angus bred hfs/AI bred only on May 6 to Bieber Blue Chip H302 (BW -5; CED 18) NO CLEAN UP BULL/Due to calve Feb 12/Nov 27 vac – ViraShield 6 VL5, Guardian scour vac, Ivermectin/Clean up 2 (lice control)/gentle!/video below

Bred Cows:

100)Blk bred cows/5 YO – solid mouth

40)Blk/Bwf bred cows/short solid – broken mouth/Bred Herf or Blk Angus/Start calving March 10 for 60 days

38)Blk bred cows/2-6 YO/Bred Blk/Start calving Feb

38)Red bred cows/4-5 YO/Bred Red Angus

26)Red Angus bred cows/3 YO/Bred to Green Garden Angus or Stratford Blk Angus bulls/Bulls in April 20

24)Blk/Red 3-5 YO bred cows/Bred Blk/Calving now (video below)

Dan Hess Breds & Pairs

20)Blk bred cows/3-5 YO/Bred to Cornwell Blk Angus bulls/spring calvers

20)Blk bred cows/4 YO – solid mouth/Bred Blk Angus or Char/Start calving Feb. 15 for 60 days

20)Red bred cows/3-6 YO/Bred Char/Calving now

18)Blk/Bwf bred cows/Solid – Smooth mouth/Start calving Feb/Bulls in May 10/Bred Blk Angus XFactor bull (son of Black Granite)

14)Blk bred cows/2nd calvers/Bred Blk Angus/Start Feb. 15 for 60 days

11)Red Angus/Blk bred cows/3-5 YO/Bred to Green Garden Blk Angus & Stratford Blk Angus bulls/Bulls in April 20

5)Red Angus bred cows/5 YO/Start calving April 1/Nov 15 vac- ViraShield 6 VL5, Vision 7/wormed

Early Consignments for Fri. Dec 15 – Special Calf Sale

Weaned Cattle:

100)550-700# RA strs(90)/hfs(10)/ weaned Oct. 25/Spring & Fall vac/banded/GO

44)5-700# Blk/Red/Char str/hfs/weaned 60 days/spring & fall vac/banded at birth/GO

10-15)600# Shrthn strs/weaned 45 days/vac/banded

Calves off the Cow:

60)4-600# Blk str/hfs/spring vac/knife-cut/GO

50)500-650# Mix str/hfs/spring vac/banded/GO

50)350-450# Blk/Red str/hfs/1 rd vac/banded/GO

50)5-650# RA CharX str/hfs/1 rd spring vac/banded/GO

20)5-650# Blk str/hfs/1 rd spring vac/banded/GO