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Early Consignments for Friday, July 26th – Regular Sale

Bottle Calves:

2)Blk str/hfr/5-6wks old/vac – BoviShield Gold 5, Vision 7 w/ spur, Pinkeye/on pellets, hay, & bottle

Early Consignments for Friday, August 9th – Customer Appreciation BBQ Sale

Weaned Cattle:

60)700# Blk/Red hfs/long time wean/2 rd vac/GO/off grass

58)700# Mix hfs/long time wean/2 rd vac/GO

44)750-800# Blk/Red hfs/long time wean/vac/GO

30)550-800# Mostly Blk str/hfs/long time wean/knife-cut/vac/GO

23)350# Blk strs/weaned/no vac

15)700# Mix strs/long time wean/2 rd vac

10)4-500# Blk str/hfs/weaned 30 days/2 rd vac

8)400# str/hfs/long time wean/2 rd vac/off grass

Calves off the Cow:

20)450-550# Blk bull/hfs/no vac/GO

5)350-400# Blk str/hfs/banded/no vac