Early Consignments for Wed, Dec. 12- Special Cow Sale


35) Blk pairs/running age/200# calves

35)Blk/Bwf bred cows/4-7 YO/Start calving March 1 for 60 days/Bred Hereford/vac/poured

Bred Heifers:

80)1000-1150# RA bred hfs/AI bred only to Mushrush Impressed Z038/no clean up bulls/calve Feb 1/pre-breeding vac

10)1000# RWF bred hfs/bred RA/bulls in end of May/calve March-April


27) Mostly Red/Rwf pairs/running back w/ blk/red bulls

6) Blk pairs/solid mouth

Bred Cows:

123) Mostly Red/Rwf bred cows/3 YO & older/bred blk or red/various pregnancy stages

75) Blk bred cows coming w/ 2nd calf/bred to polled Umberger Hereford bulls/Bulls in May 1 for 90 days

75) Mix bred cows/solid mouth & older

70-80) Mostly blk bred cows/7 YO & older/bred blk/March calvers

30) Red bred cows (few blks)/3-5 YO/15 hd bred to RA/rest are bred to Char bulls

30) Mostly blk(few reds) bred cows/15 hd- 3-6 YO/remainder are older/bred RA/start calving March 15

25-30) Blk/Red heavy bred cows/solid-smooth mouth/bulls in April 15/Reds bred Char/Blks bred blk

23) Blk/red older bred cows

20) Blk bred cows/10 YO/calve March-April/bred Blk SimAngus/bulls in May 20/out Sept 1

20) RA older bred cows/Feb-March calvers/bred RA

20) Mix bred cows/solid-smooth mouth/bred Char/calving now – Feb

20) Mix older bred cows

18) RA bred cows/9-10 YO/bred RA/calve May 1 for 30 days/fall vac-killed 5 way, poured

18) Blk/red bred cows/broken mouth/March calvers

10) Blk older bred cows/start calving March 10/Bred Blk Braunvieh

3) Blk bred cows/3-5 YO/bred blk Lim/start calving mid-Feb

Early Consignments for Fri, Dec 14- Special Calf Sale

Weaned Cattle

90)450-700# Mostly blk str/hfs/weaned 60 days/3 rds vac

80)6-700# Blk/red str/hfs/long time wean/sprg & fall vac

10)700# Rwf str/hfs/weaned 45 days/2 rds vac

Calves Off the Cow

100)450-700# CharX str/hfs/<10 days old-Ultrabac CD/sprg vac-20/20 Vision 7 w/ SPUR, Bovi Shield Gold 5, poured/no implants/knife-cut/GO

80-90)4-550# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac

60)5-700# RA/Char str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO

60)450-650# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac/knife-cut/GO

52)5-550# Blk/red strs/sprg & fall vac/banded

50)550-600# CharX str/hfs/sprg vac

47)6-650# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO

40)550-800# Red bulls/hfs/sprg vac

32)4-600# Mostly RA str/hfs/banded/GO

30)6-700# Blk/red str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO

30)5-700# Blk str/hfs

26)5-650# Red str/hfs/sprg vac

25)5-700# Mix str/hfs/knife-cut/GO

25)450-600# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac-Vision 7/banded/GO

25)4-500# RA hfs/3 rds vac/GO

20)600# Angus/CharX hfs/no implants/GO

15)600# CharX str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO/no implants

15)550# Blk str/hfs/banded/7 way blkleg/GO/no implants

14)400# RA/HerfX str/hfs/bulls/sprg vac/banded

12)5-700# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO

7)7-800# Blk/bwf str/1 rd-Vision 7 & Vira Shield 6/banded

4)4-500# Blk str/hfs/vac

2)350-400# Blk hfs