Early Consignments for Fri, Sept 25- Special Calf Sale

Bred Cows:

10) Blk/bwf older bred cows/bred Blk Angus/Feb-March calvers

Weaned Cattle:

25-30)7-800# Blk/Red/Char str/hfs/long time wean/off grass, hay, feed & alfalfa/1 rd vac/banded/GO (mostly hfs)

25)5-600# Blk strs/long time wean/2 rds vac

16)5-600# Blk str/hfs/weaned 10 days/sprg vac-Bovi 5, Vision 7/pre-weaning vac-Pyramid 5 + Presponse/banded/GO

5)5-700# Blk bull calves/weaned 3 wks/ivermec, virasheild,7 way/Wold Creek Angus sired

2)1000# Blk strs/on grain

Calves Off the Cow:

12)5-600# RA strs/sprg vac/banded

12)500# Blk/red strs/sprg vac-8 way, Gold Star 5

10)4-600# Blk/bwf str/hfs/1 rd vac/knife-cut & banded/GO

9)4-500# Blk/bwf/rwf str/hfs/knife-cut/GO

9)300# Mix/calves with tags have 1 round of shots