Early Consignments for Fri, Jan 15- Red Angus Influence Sale w/ Regular Sale

Please click below for a link to the Red Angus sale catalog:


Bred Heifers:

5) Red Angus bred hfs/AI bred to Franchise or Stockmarket/cleaned up w/ Franchise bull/start calving Feb 7

Red Angus- Weaned Cattle:

160)650-800# RA str/hfs/weaned Nov 11/sprg vac/2 rds fall vac/strs implanted/on rye w/ crabgrass hay

125)650-750# RA str(80)/hfs(45)/long time wean/sprg & fall vac/banded/GO

80-90)650-750# RA/CharX str/hfs/weaned Nov/sprg & fall vac

60-65)5-600# F1 RA/CharX & Char str/hfs/weaned 45+ days/sprg vac/2 rds fall vac/implanted w/ Revalor at weaning/banded/GO

60)650-700# Blk/red strs/weaned 90+ days/5-1 vac- Bovi Shield Gold Oneshot, Alpha 7 w/ Spur, Dectomax injectable, Synovex C implant/banded/10-9 vac- Bovi Shield Gold Oneshot, Alpha 7 w/ Spur, Dectomax pouring

59)680-700# RA strs/weaned Oct 28/sprg & fall vac/All Natural

59)7-750# RA str/hfs/weaned Oct/ sprg vac/fall vac + booster/strs implanted/banded/GO

47)450-650# Red/rwf str/hfs/weaned Oct 27/sprg & fall vac/GO

38)5-700# RA/ShorthornX strs/weaned Oct 30/Source & Age Verified/sprg & fall vac/banded/off triticale

30)550# Red str/hfs/long time wean/sprg & fall vac/GO

28)5-550# RA hfs/weaned Nov/sprg & fall vac/GO

26)4-650# RedSimX str/hfs/weaned 60 days/sprg vac/banded/GO

25)625-650# RA hfs/weaned Oct 30/FCCP/Source & Age Verified/OCV’d/sprg & fall vac/pre-breeding vac/GO/tract scored/pelvic measured

25)625# RA hfs/long time wean/sprg vac/2 rds fall vac/FCCP/Source & Age Verified/on dry hay & grain/GO

19)5-700# RA str(12)/hfs(7)/weaned Oct 26/FCCP/Source & Age Verified/All Natural/sprg & fall vac/GO

18)750-800#RA strs/weaned 60+ days/sprg vac/fall vac-Bovi 5/boostered w/ Bovi Gold One Shot, blkleg, Dectomax/banded/GO

18)7-900# RA str(10)/hfs(8)/weaned Aug 15/sprg & fall vac/hfs-FCCP tagged & OCV’d

16)650-750# RA str/hfs/weaned Nov 1/sprg & fall vac

13)6-650# RA strs/weaned 60 days/sprg & fall vac/banded/hotwire & bunk broke

10)5-600# RA hfs/weaned 70 days/sprg vac/2 rds fall vac/OCV’d/GO

Red Angus- Calves Off the Cow:

35)5-600# RA/CharX bulls/hfs/no GO

7)4-600# RA bulls/hfs/GO

Regular Sale- Weaned Cattle:

160)4-600# Mix str/hfs/weaned 3 wks/vac/GO

1 load)6-700# Blk/red hfs/weaned 90 days/vac/GO/off wheat

77)8-850# Mix hfs/off wheat/GO/Stratford & Lazy H sired

70)650-750# BBF/Herf str/hfs/weaned Nov 5/2 rds fall vac/GO

66)6-800# RA/CharX strs/weaned Oct 31/sprg vac- 7 way blkleg, Vira Shield 6 + VL5, knife-cut/Oct 31 vac- 7 way blkleg w/ PE, Cattle Master Gold FP5, Ivermec/Nov 21 booster- Pyramid 5 Presponse SQ, Pasteurella One Shot

48)6-650# Blk/red strs/long time wean/2 rds vac

40)650-700# Blk strs/long time wean/vac

40)5-600# Blk/red str/hfs/long time wean/2 rds vac/GO

25)5-650# Blk str/hfs/long time wean/vac/GO

20)5-550# Blk/bwf hfs/weaned Nov/1 rd Vision 7/GO

15)5-650# Blk str/hfs/long time wean/vac/GO

15)4-450# Str/hfs/weaned 50 days/2 rds vac

15)450# Blk/red strs/long time wean/3 rds vac

14)650-700# Mix hfs/off wheat/GO/Stratford & Lazy H sired

13)600# Blk str/hfs/weaned 60 days/sprg vac-7 way blkleg/knife-cut/GO

12)6-700# Blk/bwf str/hfs/weaned 45+ days/fall vac-blkleg/no implants/GO

7-8)5-600# Angus strs/weaned 60 days/knife-cut

6)4-700# Blk str/hfs/weaned Sept 1/Oct 23-Vision 7 & Vira Shield 6/banded/GO

Regular Sale- Calves Off the Cow:

160)5-650# Blk strs/1 rd blkleg/banded/GO

20)450-550# Blk/red hfs/fall vac/GO

12-15)450-800# Blk bulls/hfs/no GO

12)700# Char/Herf/Blk str/hfs/Vira Shield 6, blkleg, Ultra Bac 7, Bar somnus 2P/no implants/GO