Early Consignments for Wed, March 29- Special Cow Sale @ 5 PM

*Many consignors are selling due to drought conditions.*

Partial Dispersal:

60) Blk bred cows/3 YO – broken mouth/Bred Blk/mostly heavy bred

Nurse Cows:

1) Blk Shorthorn nurse cow/6 YO/not broke to lead but is tame/heavy bred- will be preg checked

1) Shorthorn nurse cow/4-5 YO/halter broke to lead/heavy bred- will be preg checked

Bred Heifers:

15)9-950# Blk/Red bred hfs/calving now/Bred to LBW Blk or Red Angus bulls

Bred Cows:

67) Blk/Bwf bred cows/5-10 YO/Start calving Mary 10 for 60-75 days/Bred Red Angus/cows have had blkleg & Ivomec/videos below

40) Blk fall bred cows/4 YO – solid mouth/Bred Blk Angus/Bulls in 11/24/calves were pulled off about 3 wks ago/videos below of cows & calves

Howard- Calves pulled off fall bred cows about 3 weeks ago.

20) Blk/Red older bred cows/Bred Blk or Hereford

10-15) Blk/Bwf bred cows/all ages/April – early May calvers/Bred Blk Angus or Hereford/Dec vac- ViraShield & Scour Guard

10-12) Shorthorn bred cows/5 YO/mostly April calvers

10) Blk/Bwf fall breds/6 YO & older/Bulls in Nov 1 & pulled March 1/Bred Blk Angus

9) Blk fall breds/6-7 YO/Bred Blk/Bull in Oct-Nov


18) Blk pairs/3-10 YO/mostly Jan-Feb calves/calves- Alpha 7 & Endovac Beef at birth/banded/no implants/cows- Oct vac- Guardian, Vision 7 w/ Spur, ViraShield 5 VL5 & poured/cows were given Endovac Beef at calving/video below

17) RA first calf pairs/2 YO/Jan – Feb calves/calves not worked/tagged to match/Hfs given Cydectin

13) Blk(10)/Char(3) first calf pairs/2 YO/red calves at side/Jan – Feb calves/calves not worked/tagged to match/Hfs given Cydectin

8) Blk first calf pairs/calves ~1 mo. old

7) Blk/Bwf pairs/all ages/calves- banded at birth, no vac

5) Blk/Red pairs/3-5 YO/150-200# calves at side/calves banded

1)Red Angus pair/5 YO

Early Consignments for Fri, March 31- Special Calf Sale

Weaned Cattle:

120)350-550# Blk/Bwf str/hfs/long time wean/vac/hay fed/GO

100)4-600# Mostly Blk str/hfs/weaned 60+ days/2 rds vac/knife-cut/strs only implanted/GO

80)7-800# Blk/Red str/hfs/long time wean/2 rds vac/banded/GO

80)725# Mix hfs/GO/no implants

75)450-650# CharX hfs/weaned 45 days/2 rds vac/GO

75)550-750# Blk str/hfs/long time wean/2 rds vac/banded/GO

75)8-900# Blk/Bwf str/hfs/weaned Dec 1/2 rds vac/banded/hfs OCV’d/GO

1 load)750# Blk/Red hfs/long time wean/vac/GO

62)4-600# Blk str/hfs/weaned 60 days/1 rd vac/knife-cut/strs only implanted/GO

60)5-700# CharX str/hfs/weaned 45 days/2 rds vac/banded/GO

50)550-575# Blk hfs/long time wean/2 rds vac/GO

50)5-600# Blk/Red strs/hfs/long time wean/vac/GO

50)550-700# Red hfs/long time wean/vac/GO

15)3-500# Blk str/hfs/weaned 45 days/vac/GO

12)775# Red strs/long time wean/vac

2)650# Blk strs/long time wean/vac/bucket calf projects

2)500# Blk bull/hfr/long time wean/1 rd vac/GO

Calves Off the Cow:

65)350-550# RA str/hfs/2 rds preconditioning vac/GO

63)4-525# RA str/hfs/1 rd vac/knife-cut/GO/bunk broke

45)5-650# RA str/hfs/fall vac/banded/GO/Allied Access tagged

40)4-600# Blk/Red str/hfs/Covexin 8/banded/no implants/GO/off stalks & hay fed oat bales

40)4-500# Blk/Red str/hfs/1 rd vac/GO

40)4-550# RAX str/hfs/vac 6 wks ago- ViraShield 6, Covexin 8/no implants/knife-cut/GO

28)450-550# Blk str/hfs/1 rd vac/banded/GO

20-25)5-600# Blk/Red str/hfs/1 rd vac/knife-cut/GO

15)350-550# Blk/Bwf str/hfs/GO

9)4-500# Red str/hfs/1 rd precondition vac/banded/GO