Early Consignments for Wed, April 14 – Special Cow Sale @ 5 PM


~50) Blk Angus/Red Angus bred cows/2 YO – running age/Bred to calving ease Accumulator & New Design Blk Angus bulls/several fall calving cows

~6-8) Blk Angus/Red Angus pairs/running age/calves less than 60 days old

Replacement Heifers:

26) RA replacement hfs/ 12 hd- 750#/16 hd- 950#/OCV’d/tract checked/GO

Breeding Bull:

1)Horned Hereford bull/4 YO/semen & Trich tested/vac


67) Blk/red pairs/solid mouth & older/videos below

40) Blk/bwf/few RA pairs/short solid & broken mouth/Jan-Feb calves/calves-vac, not banded

39) Blk pairs/solid mouth & older/calves banded

35) Blk first calf pairs/1100# hfs/Feb – March calves/calves worked

30) Blk/Red pairs/solid mouth & older/calves worked- 7 way, Nasalgen, poured

20) Blk first calf pairs

20) Blk pairs/7-10 YO

16) RA first calf pairs/calves- 7 way blkleg, ADE Vitamin, 2 cc LA 200, 1 cc Triangle 5/cows- Scour Guard vac before calving               

15) Blk/red pairs/3 YO – solid mouth/calves 3 wks old & older

13) Blk first calf pairs

12-15) Bwf pairs/solid mouth/2-350# calves/calves worked

11) Blk/bwf pairs/7-9 YO/March calves

9) Blk first calf pairs/1100# hfs/red 250# calves/off wheat

10) Blk/red pairs/solid mouth/calves- blkleg, Vira Shield 6, Presponse, banded

6) Blk/red first calf pairs/250# calves

5) Blk first calf pairs/calves 1 mth old

5) Blk pairs/3-5 YO

5) Blk older pairs

5) Blk first calf pairs

4) Blk/red pairs/3 YO

2) Blk/red first calf pairs/calves- blkleg, Vira Shield 6, Presponse, banded

Bred Cows:

100) Blk bred cows/5 YO & older/calving now/Bred Blk

50) Blk fall bred cows/3-6 YO/Bred Blk

45) Blk/red fall bred cows/blks-3 YO – solid mouth/reds-older/start calving last wk of Aug for 60 days/Reds bred Blk/Blks bred Blk or Char

36) Hereford fall bred cows/3-4 YO/Bulls in Dec 10 for 75 days/Bred Blk/pre-breeding vac-Bovi Shield Gold FP5 VL5

30-35) Blk fall bred cows/7 YO & older/Bulls in Dec 1 for 70 days/Bred Blk or Herf/pre-breeding vac-Bovi Shield Gold FP5 VL5

30) Red fall bred cows/4-5 YO/start last wk of Aug for 60 days/Bred blk

30) Blk older fall bred cows/Sept calvers/Bred Blk

25) Red fall bred cows/3-4 YO/Bulls in Nov 26 for 110 days/bred to Blk Angus bulls- sons of Black Granite & Allied/video below

20) Blk fall bred cows/3-4 YO/Bulls in Nov 26 for 110 days/bred to Blk Angus bulls- sons of Black Granite & Allied

19) RA fall bred cows/7 YO/Bred RA/bulls in at Thanksgiving for 60 days

19) Blk/red fall bred cows

15) Blk/red bred cows/4 YO – solid mouth/Bred Angus & SimAngus/calving now

14)900-1000# RA heavy bred hfs/bred to low BW RA bull/Scour Guard/poured/hfs were pelvic measured before breeding         

12) Blk fall bred cows

10) Blk/bwf fall bred cows/4-7 YO/bred Angus & SimAngus

8-10) Mix heavy bred cows/3 – 10 YO/Bred Blk or Red

6) Red/Char fall bred cows/5-7 YO/off rye/vac & poured last wk