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Fall Bred Cow Dispersal:

20) Blk bred hfs/AI’d to GAR Ashland on Nov 18/no clean up bulls/AI ONLY/calving date Aug 25/pre-breeding vac/video below

188) Blk/some Bwf fall bred cows/3-9 YO/AI’d to Fink Lunch Money¬† on Nov 23-30/Clean up bulls Fink Charolais/Pulled bulls January 21 for a 60 day calving window/Cows are 100% Fink genetics/PI Negative/Freeze Branded/Very Gentle/pre-breeding vac/age breakdown below/video below

3 YO- 12 head
4 YO- 38 head
5 YO- 17 head
6 YO- 37 head
7 YO- 37 head
8 YO- 38 head
9 YO- 14 head

Bred Cows:

100) Blk/Red fall bred cows/start calving Sept 1/more info to come!

Weaned Cattle:

60)5-550# Blk/red str/hfs/long time wean/2 rd vac/GO

50)450-550# Mostly blk str/hfs/off grass/weaned 140+ days/2 rd vac/banded/GO/no implants

45)450-550# Mix str/hfs/weaned 90+ days/2 rd vac/banded/GO

30)550# Blk/red hfs/off grass/long time wean/2 rds vac/GO

20)350# Blk strs/weaned 60 days/2 rds vac/knife-cut

19)550-750# Blk/bwf strs/few hfs/long time wean/2 rd vac/banded/GO

18)5-600# Mix str/hfs/long time wean/2 rd vac/GO

16)775-825# Blk hfs/GO

13)5-600# Bwf/rwf str/hfs/weaned 30 days/vac/banded/GO

Calves Off the Cow:

55)2-300# Blk/Red/Char str/hfs/sprg vac/pre-weaning vac/banded

45)500# Mostly blk str/hfs