Early Consignments for Wed, Nov 20- Special Cow Sale **5 PM**


25) Blk/red bred cows/all ages/bred to Pelton Red Angus bull

24) Blk/red bred cows/all ages/bred RA

20) Blk bred cows/4 YO & older/Bred blk/March calvers

16) Blk bred cows/all ages/bred to Rosemayne Angus low BW bull on 5-17

10-12) Hereford bred cows/all ages/bred Hereford/spring calvers

Breeding Bulls:

1) Red SimAngus bull/ 2 ½ YO/BW 3.3/semen & Trich tested/Pictures below

1) Shorthorn bull/13 mo. /semen tested   

Replacement Heifers:

12)600# RA replacement hfs/tract scored/OCV’d/GO

Bred Heifers:

6) Blk bred hfs/bred Blk Angus/Bull in June 1


21) Blk (6)/Red pairs/solid mouth/150-200# blk calves

14) Blk pairs/solid mouth

11) Blk pairs/3-10 YO

6) RA pairs/running age/calves 6 wk-2 mo. old/calves-7 way blkleg & Triangle 5 at birth

Bred Cows:

102)RA bred cows/solid mouth & older/Bred RA/Feb-March calvers

90)RA bred cows/solid mouth/Bred Blk Angus/bulls in May 10

50) Blk (15)/RA (35) bred cows/3-5 YO/Bred Charolais

40)Blk/red bred cows/5-7 YO/calving now

35-40) Red/Rwf/Bwf bred cows/4-6 YO/Reds & rwf bred to Mushrush RA bulls/Blks bred to Sandhill Farms Hereford bulls/Calve end of Jan to mid-March

30) Blk bred cows/5 YO to solid mouth/bred blks/start calving Dec

25-30) Blk/red bred cows/solid mouth & older/bred blk & red/start calving Feb. 20 for 75 days

21) Blk older bred cows/bred blk/start calving Feb 10 for 45 days

20-25)Blk bred cows/all ages/bred RA/March-April calvers

20) Mix bred cows/running age/bred Charolais/start calving Jan

20) Blk bred cows/solid mouth & older/bred blk/spring calvers

10) Blk bred cows/3 YO/bred to a Black Angus bull about 5 months bred

10) Mix bred cows/7-8 YO/bred to a Black Angus bull about 5 months bred

10) RA bred cows/5 YO/Bred Blk Angus/bulls in May 10

10) Blk/bwf bred cows/10-11 YO/Bred SimAngus

9) Blk bred cows/3-10 YO/bred blk/spring calvers

6) Blk bred cows/4 YO/bred blk/start calving Feb 1 for 60 days

3-5) Blk Angus bred cows/9 YO/bred Blk Angus/Calve Jan 21 – March 1

3) Blk bred cows/5 YO

Early Consignments for Friday, Nov 22- Special Calf Sale

Weaned Cattle:

250)8-850# Mostly blk strs

80)4-550# Blk strs/hfs/weaned 60+ days/2 rd vac

35)4-550# Blk/bwf str/hfs/weaned 30 days/sprg vac & poured/knife-cut/strs-Ralgro/fall vac-Vira Shield 6/poured

30)850-1100# Blk bulls

28)5-700# Blk/Char str/hfs/weaned 50 days/fall vac/banded/GO

22)6-700# Blk/red hfs/weaned 45 days/sprg & fall vac/pregged open

20)5-600# Blk/red str/hfs/weaned 45 days/vac/GO

20)4-500# Blk/red str/hfs/weaned 30 days/sprg vac/GO

19)3-400# Blk str/hfs/weaned Oct 30/fall vac/banded

17)500# Mostly blk strs/hfs/long time wean/2 rd vac/implanted/injectable wormer/GO

15)6-650# Char/AngusX str/hfs/long time wean/banded/GO

10-12)500# Blk/red str/hfs/weaned July 15/vac/banded/GO

10)650# Mostly blk strs/weaned 7 wks/sprg vac/knife-cut

3)650-700# Blk str/hfs/vac/GO

Calves Off the Cow:

225)450-650# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac/1 rd pre-conditioning vac/GO

100)550-650# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac

100)4-550# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac

70)5-650# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO

65)5-650# Blk/bwf str/hfs/sprg vac/sired by Gardiner Angus & Mc Cumber bulls

60-65)5-600# Blk/bwf str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO/sired by Southwest Angus Genetics/electric fence broke

60)5-650# Red/Char str/hfs/sprg vac/GO

55)5-550# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO/no implants

50)5-600# Blk/bwf str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO

45)550-600# CharX str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO

44)550-650# Blk bulls/hfs/GO

40)5-600# Blk str/hfs/sprg & fall vac/implanted/knife-cut/GO

30)350-600# Blk str/hfs/vac

30)4-450# Blk/red str/hfs/sprg & fall vac/GO

20)5-650# Hereford str/hfs/sprg vac/sired by Sandhill Farms bulls

12)500# Red str/hfs/sprg vac/knife-cut/no GO

10)550# Blk str/hfs/banded/GO