**Early Consignments for Friday, September 26th Special Calf Sale:**

Calves right off the cow:
30)5-600# Mix str/hfs/bovi-gold/7-way/banded
20)3-400# Red Angus strs/sprg vac
14)5-600# Blk/bwf strs/hfs

Weaned Cattle:
52)5-600# Blk strs/52 day wean/vac
50)5-650# Blk strs/hfs/45 day wean/vac(McCurry sired)
5)5-600# Blk strs/hfs/45 day wean/1 rd vac
2)900# Ang/HerfX hfs
**Our Fall Schedule is ready, see upcoming sales.**

Listen Friday mornings on the following radio stations:
99.5 FM KHAZ @7:30, 1590 AM KVGB @7:45, 790 AM KXXX @8:04, 1030 AM KBUF
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