**Early Consignments for THIS Friday October 24th Regular Sale:**
20)Older Blk Bred Cows/running w/bull since June 1st(in the yard Thurs AM)
16)Blk Bred Cows
5)Blk Bred Cows-running age-bred blk
9)Red/Rdwfc Bred Cows(5 have big calves to split off)Bred Back To Reg. Black Angus CE bull(in yd Thurs)
10)Mix Slaughter Cows
Calves right off the cow:
80)5-600# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac/knife-cut/GO
150)4-600# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac
50)6-700# Blk str/hfs/2 rds vac/banded/GO
50)4-500# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac
50)5-700# Red/Blk Angus str/hfs/sprg vac/banded/GO/no implants
35)5-650# Blk str/hfs(pending)
40)5-650# Blk str/hfs(pending)
29)850#+ Mostly Blk strs/off grass
25)5-550# Angus str/hfs/banded/blkg
20)5-600# Mix str/hfs
19)550-600# Angus str/hfs/knife-cut/sprg vac/no implants/GO
18)600# Mix str/hfs/some weaned/banded/sprg vac
16)550-650# Blk str/hfs
15)5-550# Blk strs/some hfs/May vac/banded
15)550# Blk hfs/sprg vac/GO
10)550# Mix str/hfs
10)4-550# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac
6)5-600# Mix str/hfs

Weaned Cattle:
120-130) Mix strs/off grass)1 load 850#
60)7-750# Mix hfs
38)7-800# Str/hfs/long time wean
29)850#+ Mostly Blk strs/off grass
14)5-650# CharX str/hfs/sprg vac/banded
8)500# Blk hfs/100+ days weaned
6)700# Mix hfs/June wean/sprg vac/GO

**Early Consignments for NEXT Friday October 31st Special Calf Sale:**
Calves right off the cow:
650 head total already consigned
Weaned Cattle:

**A nice line-up of RedAngus Influence calves for the November 7th Sale. If you would like to consign for that sale please give us a call so we can get them advertised with the Red Angus Association and in our catalog!**
Listen Friday mornings on the following radio stations:
1590 AM KVGB @7:45, 790 AM KXXX @8:04, 1030 AM KBUF
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