NO SALE today,Friday August 29th(Labor Day Weekend!)
**Early Consignments for Friday, September 5th Special Calf Sale:

Weaned Cattle:
70)700# Blk/Red hfs/local native calves/off grass
30)8-850# Blk strs
10)1000# Blk strs

Off The Cow:
50)4-550# Red strs/hfs
40)Blk strs/sprg vac
12)5-600# Blk/Red strs/hfs
65-70)550-650# Blk str/hfs
14)5-600# Blk Baldy str/hfs
10)5-600# Blk str/hfs/sprg vac
12)500# Blk strs
80)475-550# Blk strs/banded/spr vac
4)500# Blk strs

** We have a Fall Schedule ready, see upcoming sales.**
***We Fax the buyers on Wed with our early consignments, so if possible let us know so we can add you to the list.***
Listen Friday mornings on the following radio stations:
99.5 FM KHAZ @7:30, 1590 AM KVGB @7:45, 790 AM KXXX @8:04, 1030 AM KBUF
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